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What is crowdfunding and is it right for my business?

Join this session for a practical explanation of crowdfunding, the different types of crowdfunding, and which might be right for your business. It will also help you decide when crowdfunding may not be a good fit. Raising capital is often skewed against women, crowdfunding is one case where women outperform men. We will give real-life examples of campaigns that the team have worked on.

Victoria Bennett

Victoria Bennett

BSc(Hons), FCIM.

Victoria ran her first successful crowdfund campaign over seven years ago. A strategic marketer by training, she has run successful crowdfunding campaigns in Canada and in Europe and her team is currently consulting for a number of Canadian equity and rewards crowdfund campaigns. Working with the Impact Hub in Calgary she launched The Crowdfunding Hub in 2019 to provide education and self service tools for all types of crowdfunding, from donations and rewards to equity.