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So You Want To Be a Thought Leader?

What does it mean to be a thought leader in 2020? As business owners, we need to balance taking a stand for what’s important to us with the realities of business and remain accessible to those that we want to lead and serve. We will talk through the benefits and challenges of thought leadership in business today and develop strategies for becoming the kind of leader that can build a tribe, sell your wares AND leave a legacy.

Lianne Picot

Lianne Picot

Lianne Picot helps new and aspiring women leaders to become INSPIRING leaders through specialized leadership coaching and training. She is also the host of The Leadership Leap radio show. Lianne has worked as a leader, coach and trainer in the UK, Ireland and Canada for over 25 years. She is a Certified Executive Coach and a part-time university instructor teaching courses in leadership and organizational development. Lianne is the creator of an online leadership program/learning community, also called The Leadership Leap.

www.theleadershipleap.net or www.bluemorpho.co.