We’re listening. This year at the conference you will be able to select TWO biz tool sessions. They will run consecutively with a 15 minute break in between. Like last year, you will make your choices and select the sessions you want when you arrive at the conference, so come armed with your first and second choice and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Move Your Body, Mind and Breath to Get Unstuck

Often when we want to initiate change, fear of the unknown makes us hesitant. And yet, going after something new, requires stepping into the unknown. Using movement – body, mind and breath – Laurie will teach you simple practices to access your inner wisdom and untapped potential. You’ll leave her session with at least one clearly defined first step and tools you can use to figure out your next steps. And a smile.

Laurie Hunt

Laurie Hunt

More-In-Me MOVEment

Laurie Hunt is the founder of the More-In-Me Movement, an initiative to get people moving towards what they want. Laurie integrates current leadership practices, motivation and social change theory, positive psychology, neuroscience research and eastern philosophy in her unique approach. Her goal is to engage people in discovering new possibilities, through creating intentional daily practices that result in more energy, more accomplished and more joy.