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How to Create a Powerful New Phase in Your Life, Work and Legacy.

In this interactive session, Laura shares her own story of reinvention and will explore practical steps that you can implement right away to begin designing a life that is purposeful and fulfilling as you move forward to an even more substantial contribution and legacy. These proven and battle-tested approaches are suitable for you if you are looking for even more energy and fulfillment or for those at a crossroad and considering what is next.

Laura Macdougall

Laura Macdougall

Laura Macdougall is a leading authority for senior women leaders who are designing their new chapters in life, work and legacy. With 20 years experience leading strategic projects in the healthcare sector, and an MBA, she now turns her passion to setting fellow women leaders on fire in the next phase of their careers. Laura presents on a broad range of topics from the power of women, to resilience, and designing your next chapter.