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Understanding the WHY behind your Goals

When starting a business, there are many facets to be considered. Often times, people may work on goals because they THINK that this is what they should be doing. Before setting goals, it is important to be introspective so that you better understand what kind of goals to set, what results to anticipate, why you are not getting the results that you hope for and – most importantly – why you might not be motivated or focused to set or work on your goals.

Christen James - CJ

Christen James - CJ

Christen James - CJ is a mindset and transition coach for new entrepreneurs. She has a BA in Psychology and Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy and over a decade in the workforce as a Manager. She helps aspiring and new entrepreneurs take their mindset from struggling to strategic by working with them to get the clarity that will lead to results that are aligned with their values.