We’re listening. This year at the conference you will be able to select TWO biz tool sessions. They will run consecutively with a 15 minute break in between. Like last year, you will make your choices and select the sessions you want when you arrive at the conference, so come armed with your first and second choice and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For Money or For Profit?

We will take a look at why you should be in business not just to make money but to make a profit…lots and lots of profit. We will further work through a checklist of key areas that you need to examine to ensure you are maximizing your profit potential and not spending resources blindly. You will walk away with an easy to implement plan to maximize your profits and thrive in business.

Hadriana Leo

Hadriana Leo

Hadriana Leo is the Creator of Hadriana Leo, Money Navigator™. Her goal is to free her clients from persistent financial failures by optimizing their finances towards the creation of an exceptional life. Her experiences as a high school teacher, immigrant, financial adviser, and her current designation as a Certified Cashflow Specialist allow her to take the journey of financial wellness with her clients, in a nurturing way that is empowering, and results-driven.