Are you wanting to reach women and/or women business owners, then having a booth at our conference will put you in direct contact. The conference typically attracts 200 + women from across the province and beyond.

Not only that, when you have a booth, you also have the opportunity to provide an insert for the goodie bag that each participant receives.

The booths – 8ft tables – come ready draped and your exhibitor fee includes your admission to the conference.

The conference proceedings take place in the same room where the booths are on display, so you get to hear the speakers, enjoy the lunch and be a big part of our day.

If you do require to have someone help you with your booth, you will have to register them as a participant and they are expected to join us for the day, rather than stay at the booth. This year we are introducing a reduced rate for you of $150.


Members Rate


Non-Members Rate


Set up will be available from 7.00am and tear down may not take place until after 6.00pm.


If you would like to include items in the gift bags we will require a qty of 250. We will need to receive the items by May 1st. Please avoid flyers as often women don’t keep or read them.


Join us and access the lower member rates.



No refunds after Oct 15, prior to that there will be a $50 admin fee.