Donna Messer Connectus Award

Donna MesserDonna Messer was someone who had a large following, partly because without fail she would reach out and try to help you succeed, connecting you with someone she felt you needed to know.

She was also a good friend to Company of Women, always reaching out to help us, and was a regular presenter at our annual conference. When she died suddenly in April, 2014, we wanted to present an award in her memory and to honour her contributions.

For the past six years, Company of Women in partnership with Matrix 360, has been presenting the Donna Messer ConnectUs Award. We encourage people to nominate someone who exemplified all that Donna represented – volunteerism, giving back, connecting and mentoring people.

Given the theme this year of Creating and Navigating Change, we are looking for a disrupter, someone who is innovative and willing to risk doing something in a different way.

We therefore encourage you to reflect on the people you know and nominate someone for this award which will be presented at the May 12 conference.




Nomination forms available
September 1, 2020

Deadline for nominations
September 30, 2020

Selection Committee meets
October 2020

November 10, 2020


Who is eligible?

The recipient must:

  • Be nominated by one of her peers
  • Have agreed to the nomination
  • We are looking for someone who has, like Donna,
  • We are looking for someone who is innovative and willing to risk doing something in a different way.
  • Helped others get ahead in their business or career with no vested interest on her part
  • Constantly connected women to others that will help them succeed
  • Advocated and helped those who were less able to do so for themselves
  • Generously supported the community

What is the process?

  1. The nominator must complete the nomination form, getting the nominee’s permission to proceed.
  2. The nomination form is submitted to Company of Women.
  3. A panel of external judges will receive the nominations and the recipient will be selected.
  4. The recipient will be announced at the Journey 2 Success conference.