"Entrepreneurship is a journey without a map, but smart travellers know to ask for directions"

- Rick Spense


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We have three streams – Business, Leadership and Personal Development

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BEST-LAID PLANS with Judi Hughes

We’ve all experienced it – you set your plans; you think you’ve got it covered – you’re in control and then something comes along to screw it up. What then?!? Judi will share insights, tools & techniques to help you avoid getting too far off track. You’ll learn ways to assess your risks so you can make wise decisions going forward and how to change your plan but not your goal when things are going awry. Remember – when Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. J (Claire Cook)

Judi Hughes

Judi Hughes

Your Planning Partners

Judi Hughes has been in business for over 35 years. During that time she has built, bought, grown and sold a number of successful businesses. Judi’s passion is small business and she’s committed to helping her clients build a business rather than only creating a job. She knows your business can be everything you want it to be and more!



Want to stop doing the boring busywork that is eating up your workday? Do you dream of spending your time and attention on the work that matters most? Join me on a journey from busy to productive. You’ll learn how to move from a place of reactively putting out fires to proactively working on your priorities.

This hands-on session will explore essential productivity tools that will help transform you into a lean, mean get-it-done machine.

Your takeaways include: Honing in on your unique brilliance and why it is your productivity superpower. The secret to delegating more efficiently and effectively and the three essential tech tools you need in your personal productivity toolkit

Valeri Hall-Little

Valeri Hall-Little

Valeri Hall-Little burnt out of her web consulting business. Although she didn’t know it at the time, she had become overwhelmed by the business she had created. She was bored and everything about it felt hard. That’s when she discovered the power of having systems and tech tools to help streamline the back end of her business. Since then, she refocused her own flight path to help entrepreneurs escape the grind so they can build a business that works predictably, effortlessly and profitably each day.


Just because they offer the same type of business that you do, doesn’t mean you have to slash their tires! When it comes to business, we often have such tunnel vision that we can not see outside of the blinders.

Not all competitors are actually competitors.  There is value in getting to know the market and finding opportunities to share ideas, build systems and brainstorm with people that truly understand what you do and how you do it.

So much of business is about establishing relationships and building connections.

Learn how to test the water, bring people together and establish a win-win.

Karen Baring

Karen Baring

After having spent years in the corporate world followed by establishing her own businesses, Karen Baring understands the relationship between the corporate and business realms.  She has honed her skills in guiding people to conquer their fears, challenge their comfort zones, re-ignite their passions, and understand their mindsets.

Karen has always believed in the true value of community, and relates the importance of belonging, contributing, and excelling to the business world.  She has founded her own thriving business networking community, where professionals are able to successfully work with like-minded people. 


Are you leading into the future or managing trends? There are two major trends affecting business leaders; shifting workplace dynamics and the emergence of digital technologies. These forces are likely to challenge your existing business model and the way you run your operation. In this session, you’ll meet other business owners who are curious about how to harness the power of digital and Tricia will answer your questions about how to use Facebook, email and Instagram to gain followers and revenue, gain insight on how to manage workplace dynamics and the importance of e-commerce, automation, and the data economy.

Tricia Kopec

Tricia Kopec

Tricia Kopec is passionate about building relationships with people and the fast-growing world of digital marketing. As a linchpin at Intrigue Media, she has worked her way up and through many positions. Intrigue Media is a digital marketing company founded in Guelph, Ontario and now has teams in five communities in Southwestern Ontario. The company was recently featured on the Profit 500 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, so you know Tricia doesn’t sit still for very long and she makes the most of every experience.

Tricia’s focus is working with clients to create strategies to grow their businesses with digital marketing, implementing strategic projects to help grow their company. She lives the purpose of Intrigue Media to Empower leaders to strengthen communities.


Statistics show that 85 percent of business failures are due to a lack of planning and financial organization and knowledge.  Knowing your numbers really does make a difference to your resilience and success.

Learn the top eight numbers that you need to know (and track on a regular basis) for your business success and discover how a five-minute daily tracking tool can significantly impact your revenues and cash flow.

Linda Spencer

Linda Spencer

VisionSpire Business Consulting

Linda Spencer is Chief Creator and founder of VisionSpire Business Consulting. Linda has been assisting Canadian businesses with their business plans and tax strategies for over 20 years. As a CPA, CA, Canadian Tax Specialist, and Money Mindfulness Coach, her mission is to eliminate the stress and anxiety that people experience related to money and taxes. 

She does this by empowering her clients with simple and intuitive finance tools, know-how, strategies and empowering mindsets through her money mindset and profitability workshops, group training programs, guest speaking and 1-1 coaching/consulting. This puts them in the driver’s seat of their business success and financial wellness, so they can have more harmony, joy and abundance in their life.  


Energy is renewable. Our energy levels are the basis for our ability to function in our business, family and all aspects of life. Our energy drainers are situations where we feel stuck, circumstances we we feel we cannot change or when we feel overwhelmed. Our motivation drops along with our energy. Understanding our energy drainers and how to overcome their impact gets us moving and energy flowing.

In this experiential session you will: 

  • Identify activities, circumstances and/or people that drain your energy.
  • Recognize your reactions and patterns in those situations  
  • Learn the four factors that create ‘stuckness’. 
  • Identify options and concrete actions to become unstuck.
  • Learn four quick tools to shift your energy in the moment.
Laurie Hunt

Laurie Hunt

For over 20 years Laurie Hunt has been working in the field of mentoring and leadership from all angles - as a corporate client, researcher, consultant and coach. She brings this breadth of experience to her work designing custom mentoring programs for business, education, community organizations and sports clubs. Laurie knows first hand the value of having a network of people to turn to for support. Throughout her corporate career, athletic pursuits, personal endeavours and in growing her business, Laurie has had mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues who have been instrumental in her learning and resulting accomplishments.


Life can throw you challenges and changes on a daily basis.  How you manage through those turbulent times determines your outcome and success. During this interactive session Corey will assess your current situation, review symptoms that can prevent success and provide you with tips to stay laser-focused regardless of the chaos surrounding you. Corey will dive deep into mental mastery skills and the science behind peak performance. You will leave with a personal plan filled with techniques to eliminate distractions, spark motivation and specific actions you can implement immediately to excel.

Corey McCusker

Corey McCusker

Mental Performance Coach

Corey McCusker, is a Mental Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author. Corey has been in private practice for over 10 years coaching individuals and teams including business professionals, coaches and elite young athletes. Her programs include assessment tools, key components of the mental skills and mental performance techniques that enhance and deliver key traits for peak performance.  Corey`s experience includes working with business professionals, members of Team Canada U17 in hockey and in golf as well as delivering educational webinars for the LPGA.

Corey is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Empowerment Techniques™ and Hypnosis. 



We will be hands-on in this creative session as we create 3D models of our individual business woman superpowers using a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach (yes, that LEGO!). We’ll share our insights with one another while seeing ourselves in a completely different (and more colourful than usual!) way as we model and talk about our superpowers. If you’re curious, come play with purpose – and walk away with a new perspective on the differentiator you bring to your clients and your business.

Darcy Roberts

Darcy Roberts

Business & Career Coach

Darcy Roberts, ACC is a certified career coach, speaker and facilitator in Oakville who wants people to love their work. She works with businesses and organizations to create high performing teams by helping individuals and teams get more - from themselves and from each other. Since early 2017 she has introduced manufacturing, government, not for profit and women's groups to the magic of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Darcy has an Honours BA, English Literature from the University of Toronto. She completed her coach training with the Coaches Training Institute and is an ACC accredited coach through the ICF. Darcy is a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method as well as certified in effectiveness coaching using the Emerson Suite. She is trained in the use of the Facet5 personality assessment tool. 





In this session, the facilitators will look at diversity and how not fitting in is actually a positive trait and an asset in today’s business environment. Strong partnerships are important and will help you get ahead as you navigate your career or business. Learn how to manifest them and make them work to your advantage.

Delofante Atkins

Delofante Atkins

Matrix 360

Delofante Atkins, a Talent Leader, has influenced the recruitment, engagement, Learning & Development and retention practices of global organizations. At Matrix360, Delofante is responsible for leading change through education, helping to elevate the workplace. As a Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, she is passionate about eliminating barriers that inhibit diverse environments.
Micheline Bentley

Micheline Bentley

Matrix 360

Micheline Bentley, a passionate, driven leader is a true connector of people. Actively involved in multiple real estate committees and speaking events, she co-created Matrix’s Real Talk Series. Dedicated to educating, inspiring and collaborating with leaders, Micheline initiates creative methods to build and harness platforms supporting diversity, inclusion and innovation.




In this session you will learn how to create power and use it to influence positive and sustainable change. Either in your relationships, business, position or community engagement, effectively leveraging and growing your power is essential for creating meaningful results.

Too often we can become stuck in an old interpretation of power which no longer serves us. We see our future through the lens of a story we have outgrown, one that limits how we take risk, lean into our edge and take on new opportunities.

Digging in to explore how you see power and where you believe you are powerless is where we begin in this session. You will learn a new interpretation of power, one that will serve you better. You will learn specific actions you can put into place immediately that will enable you grow your influence and impact in the areas in your life that matter most.

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek and Associates

Amy Vodarek ACC is the Chief Visionary and Coach at Amy Vodarek and Associates, an executive and leadership development company. She’s a creative educator, writer and speaker about all things leadership. Her holistic coaching approach embraces self-care, reducing over-commitment and enhancing wellbeing.

Amy specializes in working with women leaders and entrepreneurs and is the co-founder of The Good Enough Project and co-author of the book Good Enough. (2016). Currently, she volunteers her time with United Way Milton as Chair for the Circle of Women Who Care. 

www.amyvodarek.com   www.thegoodenoughproject.ca

WHY SMART PEOPLE DERAIL with Glain Roberts-McCabe

Career missteps can carry consequences. For ambitious career professionals, our greatest strengths can often be our biggest liabilities if we’re not careful. So, what can you do to make sure you’re not inadvertently limiting your opportunities and, instead, setting yourself up for success?

Glain Roberts-McCabe

Glain Roberts-McCabe

The Roundtable

Glain Roberts-McCabe, President of The Roundtable shares her top five insights on why smart people derail and what steps you can take to keep your career ambitions on track. Glain will share with you the problem behaviours and blind spots that get talked about in talent reviews and what you can proactively do to manage your career path. Glain is the author of Did I really sign up for this?  



Personal Development


Developing your resiliency muscle is a key skill to learn in mastering your life – personally and professionally – and achieving your greatest success, yet it isn’t taught to us anywhere. It is the ability to get back up over and over again from any setbacks, failures or challenges and it turns out it is a defining attribute shared by accomplished, happy people. Kim will share personal stories and give you tools that will help you develop the skill and build your resiliency muscles time and time again to help you achieve what you desire in life.

Kim MacGregor

Kim MacGregor

Professionally, Kim MacGregor has had success in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, in industries from entertainment, to sporting goods and children’s licensed product, working with Fortune 500 companies. She is an international award-winning publisher, a best-selling author of three books, and the founder of a global grassroots movement that went viral online.

Her most important work, is that of a dedicated wife and mother of three teenage daughters. Her journey has both challenging and rewarding! She went from an in-debt, unfulfilled, burnt-out working mom with a marriage on the brink of divorce, to running a successful multi-million-dollar online business from home, with a peaceful, thriving family life AND a loving-healed marriage.


It could be argued that stress is self-imposed because we are only affected by those things that we allow to affect us. Should this be the case, then why not allow ourselves to be affected by laughter and happiness, not anger, overwhelm or depression.

Without question, life can be tough. Tap into your funny bone, use laughter as a stress reducing tool. Learn how to use humour and stories to improve your health, build better relationships and connect with your clients and customers. Bonus: a good belly laugh can be a great aerobic workout.

Merri Macartney

Merri Macartney

When you first meet Merri Macartney, you would have no idea of how many challenges she has had to face. Abandonment, failed adoption and failed marriages are just some of what she’s overcome.

Merri has gone from high school dropout to high school teacher; from having no marketable skills to running her own successful speaking business as an inspirational humourist and professional smarty pants. It’s all about her attitude as she turns her personal experiences into laughter therapy. Her ready smile easily gets your attention while her equally easy laugh keeps you engaged. As a speaker and author, Merri illustrates through her humourous stories that a healthy dose of laughter is really the best prescription.


Do you sometimes need to refocus, rebalance and reset in life or at work? In this session you will learn why it is important to include these energy boost techniques for daily resilience and how to do them. You will be supplied with a take home gift so you can experience resilience every day!

Heather Phillips

Heather Phillips

Muscle Tuners International Inc.

Heather Phillips is the Owner and Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. She graduated with an Honours Degree in Physical Education from Lakehead University after completing her thesis on the subject of energy balancing. After first year she had back surgery and recovered to a normal active life teaching fitness classes four nights a week.

In more recent years Heather sold a multi-million dollar company and has started another one. During her time in her executive roles she used various techniques to help her focus and reset. Her mission is to train and license Muscle Tuner™ Specialists and spread the word that there is another way to resilient living.


Learn how to increase your happiness in ALL of the priority areas of your life. In this session, you will learn simple tools you can use IMMEDIATELY to actually experience more happiness, success and fulfilment in each happiness area such as Health, Relationships, Finances, Fun, Career, Intimacy, etc. Through an inventory of your happiness, notice which areas of your life are working well, and which areas need improved. Become the co-creator of your life.

Hailey Patry

Hailey Patry

As a survivor of rape, abuse, cancer, depression and so much more, Hailey Patry can teach you in a matter of hours how to triumph over tragedy, experience total freedom from past hurts and unleash your power to live your best life now and manifest your dream future.

 Despite everything she has endured, she is one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Hailey’s happiness is contagious. Spend even a bit of time with her and you will notice an immediate lift in your spirits. Formerly a divorced single mother in financial ruin, she went on to build a 60-million-dollar business. Hailey is now a happily married, mother of three and she wants to teach you all her methods for achieving success in love, life and business! Hailey is the founder of The Lifted Lid…”Life Uncapped” and a Master Coach of Radical Living and Radical Forgiveness.


Change is the one constant that you will experience as a woman, entrepreneur, parent, partner, sibling or daughter.   As you know as an entrepreneur, change can be exciting, educational or stressful.

Being the heart, soul and life blood of your business you don’t have time for unwanted and unexpected changes. And then life happens. Whether you experience illness, relationship challenges with your loved ones, financial difficulty, our ability to be with what is and to keep going is essential. Join this experiential session and discover your resiliency, what gets in the way and find the warrior within that will keep you going when the going gets tough.

Natalie Haynes

Natalie Haynes

Natalie Haynes is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). She is a member of The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (OACCPP) and a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT).

Natalie became a therapist because she was a client.  Through her journey of self awareness she discovered a passion for psychotherapy that she never knew existed. Counselling and psychotherapy helped Natalie to find the strength she knew she always had, a new appreciation for the intelligence of her emotions, and the ability to support herself or ask for support when needed.


Linda offers a journey inward using the tool of journaling to explore your inner landscape. Through various meditative and journaling exercises, she creates a space for you to experience how journaling helps to gain deeper clarity and insight into your personal and professional life.

Through various Journal to the Self and reflective techniques you will draw upon your own inner wisdom, giving a voice to your experiences, perceptions and visions through the written word.

Linda Cooper

Linda Cooper

Inward Bound

Linda Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Inward Bound, created to assist clients in changing their lives from the inside out. She is a Transitions Specialist, a Writer and Teacher of Introspection and Contemplation. A certified Journal Facilitator, certified Journal to the Self Instructor, certified Yoga Teacher. Linda combines her desire to assist clients through life transitions, with her love of yoga, teaching, and writing, believing in the power of the written word to transform lives.


You’re running late and you feel like you need to be in three places at once. You need to focus but you have so many things to do. Your fears keep getting in the way. All the multi-tasking is driving you crazy. You respond before thinking. Your stomach is in knots…and you simply feel stressed out!

Stress impacts everything in our lives from our relationships, to our body, to our interactions with others.  A build up of stress inhibits our natural flow of energy which in turn impacts the clarity and efficiency of our minds. We all have stress in our lives and there are some simple stress-busting tips and techniques you can use in the moment to help release it.

You will learn easy meditation techniques that you can utilize in less than a minute to calm both your mind and your body as well as simple strategies you can employ to help diffuse some of those stressful situations.

Glenda van Koot

Glenda van Koot

Moonset Meditation

Glenda van Koot has completed advanced training under the guidance and mentorship of world-renowned meditation teacher davidji to become a Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher. She offers private, group, personal and corporate in-person and virtual instruction in meditation and mindfulness through Moonset Meditation.

Glenda hosts and facilitates intimate and experiential transformational retreats with a dear friend and fellow Davidji Certified Teacher through their partnership in Moonset Wisdom Retreats. She is a Reiki Master and currently studying with the SWAT Institute in their Master Women’s Empowerment Coaching program.  www.moonsetmeditation.com www.moonsetwisdomretreats.com


Learn how to journey to an awesome life and career. We just have to listen carefully for the signs and respond with curiosity, compassion and courage. Enjoy a candid conversation around taking risks and making decisions, and how taking care of yourself first will lead to career success. When we focus our energy and listen to our inner voice, we discover where life can take us. It’s about the power of stepping back to step forward.

Leigh Mitchell

Leigh Mitchell

Career and marketing specialist Leigh Mitchell has had a wild ride in the past seven years, after surviving bouts of depression and anxiety and building Women in Biz Network she learned that doors open and close for a reason. Leigh will walk you through an exercise to narrow down the possible paths of what you want and how to get there on your own terms and enjoy the journey along the way.