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Liberate your inner author and write your book

In this inspiring, yet practical talk, author Susan Crossman shares insights on how to recognize and master the three phases of fearlessness so you can dream, plan, and write the book only you can create. Using examples culled from a rich life that has often been balanced on the fine edge that separates terror from triumph, she explores how fear can all too often hold us back from living out our dreams.

She also provides a recipe for success that audience members will want to review every time they feel a longing in their heart for that “something more” that calls them forward into the life they were meant to lead.

Susan Crossman

Susan Crossman

Susan Crossman is a writer and having written five traditionally-published books herself, Susan works with other forward-thinking entrepreneurs as an editor and book coach through her company, The Awakening Author. As head of Crossman Communications, Susan and her team also create and manage content marketing strategies for established businesses that believe in the concept of service.

She’s also an adventuress who lives to harness the power of a good story well told. In recent years she has gone ziplining in Costa Rica, luging down a mountain in New Zealand, and trekking in the hills north of Khatmandu. She has hiked among the ruins of Macchu Pichu, danced until dawn at a London nightclub, and enjoyed a Christmas Day picnic at a 400-year-old farmhouse situated peacefully in the south of France.

Above all else, in all she does, Susan believes in the importance of seeing with our hearts, as well as with our eyes.