At the conference you get to select the biz tool session you wish to attend. Each session has nine people plus the expert.

This year you make your selection at the actual event. We recommend you come, prepared to select your top three choices and every effort will be made to accommodate you. Sessions will be filled on a first-come basis, so come early.

Sales that sizzle!

Ditch the pitch and learn how to sell from the heart!

If you are not making enough money, it’s not your marketing or brand- it’s your lack of sales SKILLS. Selling is a mindset, skill set, process, and discipline. Patti will take you from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN!

Patti Pokorchak

Patti Pokorchak

Patti Pokorchak was NOT a born salesperson. She was the shyest geek proving that ANYONE can learn how to sell, AND enjoy it too. In 1992, she helped co-found a software business, scaling to over a million in revenue and 20 employees before opening up a garden centre.

When someone hired this most unlikely million dollar sales whiz as her sales coach, she started her 10th business. Entrepreneurs who are not making enough money get coached on how to grow profitably. She helps them double and triple their revenues while having more FUN!