At the conference you get to select the biz tool session you wish to attend. Each session has nine people plus the expert.

This year you make your selection at the actual event. We recommend you come, prepared to select your top three choices and every effort will be made to accommodate you. Sessions will be filled on a first-come basis, so come early.

Turn your great idea into a reality

Are you sitting on a great idea? Are you just waiting for the right time to get started? NOW is that time! Learn how to identify the right first steps to take to get the ball rolling. Figure out how to get out of your own way to make it happen.

Take home tools to kick-start turning your great idea into a reality. Get ready to make your great idea a reality!

Judi Hughes

Judi Hughes

Your Planning Partners

Judi Hughes, partner at Your Planning Partners, is all about practical solutions for small business success. Her insights and the tools she shares bring sanity and focus to small business owners who are growing and feeling out of control. As a seasoned business owner, consultant and coach she is instrumental in helping her clients achieve the success they want for themselves and for their business.  www.yourplanningpartners.com