Each participant gets to pre-select which breakout session she wants to attend. At these sessions, along with nine other women you will learn more from the expert on the topic.


You’re running late and you feel like you need to be in three places at once. You need to focus but you have so many things to do. Your fears keep getting in the way. All the multi-tasking is driving you crazy. You respond before thinking. Your stomach is in knots…and you simply feel stressed out!

Stress impacts everything in our lives from our relationships, to our body, to our interactions with others.  A build up of stress inhibits our natural flow of energy which in turn impacts the clarity and efficiency of our minds. We all have stress in our lives and there are some simple stress-busting tips and techniques you can use in the moment to help release it.

You will learn easy meditation techniques that you can utilize in less than a minute to calm both your mind and your body as well as simple strategies you can employ to help diffuse some of those stressful situations.


Glenda van Koot

Glenda van Koot

Moonset Meditation

Glenda van Koot has completed advanced training under the guidance and mentorship of world-renowned meditation teacher davidji to become a Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher. She offers private, group, personal and corporate in-person and virtual instruction in meditation and mindfulness through Moonset Meditation.

Glenda hosts and facilitates intimate and experiential transformational retreats with a dear friend and fellow Davidji Certified Teacher through their partnership in Moonset Wisdom Retreats. She is a Reiki Master and currently studying with the SWAT Institute in their Master Women’s Empowerment Coaching program.  www.moonsetmeditation.com www.moonsetwisdomretreats.com