At the conference you get to select the biz tool session you wish to attend. Each session has nine people plus the expert.

This year you make your selection at the actual event. We recommend you come, prepared to select your top three choices and every effort will be made to accommodate you. Sessions will be filled on a first-come basis, so come early.

Embracing change

To change life and move into the dream of ‘what can be’ often requires a letting go of the ‘what is’ in present time. That can be scary. What do you need to let go of so you can move forward in your life? Are you willing to embrace change with courage?

Nancy Trites-Botkin

Nancy Trites-Botkin

Think8 Systems

Co-founder and president of Think8 Systems, an international business Design firm, Nancy Trites-Botkin works globally. But whether as business strategist for worldwide corporations, author, speaker, or Life-and-Career Architect, Nancy’s passion is to enable women. She created Think8 Women to help women live On Purpose, personally and professionally.

She is a seasoned producer/writer/director for film and television she has over 60 international awards, an Emmy and Oscar short-listed film. But as a mother to three sons and grandmother to five, Nancy is uniquely qualified to help women realize the full scope of who they are, to live On Purpose.