At the conference you get to select the biz tool session you wish to attend. Each session has nine people plus the expert.

This year you make your selection at the actual event. We recommend you come, prepared to select your top three choices and every effort will be made to accommodate you. Sessions will be filled on a first-come basis, so come early.

How to get to the top of your game

Review what it takes to get to the TOP of your game in business or life. You will learn the most proven mental performance techniques plus be provided with tools and examples on how to master the mind to improve your business and maintain peak performance. This session will teach you how to elevate your game in business and how to get into the ZONE to deliver excellence. Corey will discuss three mental mastery mistakes and how to avoid them plus three necessary steps to deliver outstanding results.

Corey McCusker

Corey McCusker

Mental Performance Coach

Corey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach. Corey has been in private practice for over 10 years coaching individuals and teams including business professionals, coaches and elite young athletes. She founded Master the Mind, Master the Game for Sports, Business and Life in 2010.

Her programs include assessment tools, key components of the mental skills and mental performance techniques that enhance and deliver key traits for peak performance. Corey`s mission is to provide the necessary mental skills to overcome stuck states, performance slumps, anxiety and to remove mental distractions so her clients can perform with ease and "in the zone".