At the conference you get to select the biz tool session you wish to attend. Each session has nine people plus the expert.

This year you make your selection at the actual event. We recommend you come, prepared to select your top three choices and every effort will be made to accommodate you. Sessions will be filled on a first-come basis, so come early.

Safeguarding Your Online Identity

Do you know what you look like online to others? You should. We help to safeguard your online reputation by identifying the hidden harms in your online presence, personally and professionally. Join Cat as she talks about how privacy settings really work, what social networks actually know about you, and how to take back control of your own online identity.

In addition to protecting yourself, owning your data helps your company in their cybersecurity efforts by strengthening their human firewall and minimizing risk via ‘spearphishing’ (a leading method for social hackers to gain company access).

Cat Coode

Cat Coode

Binary Tattoo

Cat Coode is the founder of Binary Tattoo. Binary, for the language of all things digital. Tattoo, for the permanence of what goes online. Her mission is to help educate people with the knowledge of how an online identity is first created and then developed; empowering them to control how theirs evolves in the online world.

Cat is also an engineer, speaker, consultant, author, and, above all else, a parent. Her motivation to help others was born out of her concern for her kids and the new generations growing up in an ever-changing digital landscape. She also holds a certification in Canadian Privacy Law and Data Protection from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. www.binarytattoo.com