Each participant gets to pre-select which breakout session she wants to attend. At these sessions, along with nine other women you will learn more from the expert on the topic.


Do you know how to create a presence on Facebook?  Do you understand the true value of networking and being social on Facebook? We all know that when we focus on selling ourselves, we develop the know, like and trust factor.

Learn how to work your personal timeline/profile and create and build your business page.

Tammy Hudgin

Tammy Hudgin

Tammy launched her Facebook Social Media business over three years ago and has trained over 500 business owners on how to work Facebook to build a presence and get their business out there.  One of the most valuable lessons she learned is that you need to sell yourself before you can sell your business.

Tammy helps clients by managing their business pages and offering business page creation/revamp, along with consultations.  She is currently writing for a variety of online websites/blogs with her thoughts on using Facebook for business.  She embraces everything she learns from those she meets, she continues to be inspired by other business women and looks forward to building more relationships.

Every year our Biz Tools experts share their knowledge with you in small group discussions.  These are women who are part of the Company of Women community or friends of our organization.  Please welcome and thank them for sharing their expertise with you.