Each participant gets to pre-select which breakout session she wants to attend. At these sessions, along with nine other women you will learn more from the expert on the topic.


Time management and productivity are not dusty leftovers from the 80s. The pace of life has sped up and the overwhelm has only increased. Is your inbox out of control? Struggling to keep with all the things you need to stay on top of as a business owner? Worried that you’re not getting the right things done?

We talk specifics about becoming more aware and more proactive about where you focus your attention as you move through your day. We will review some straight-forward, practical time management and productivity tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness. Remember how to love your life again.


Darcy Roberts

Darcy Roberts

Business & Career Coach

Darcy Roberts is a business & career coach and facilitator in Oakville who helps busy people get more done at work, at home, and all points in between.

With more than 20 years of administrative experience  across a variety of industries, including the arts, law, finance, banking and executive search, she has worked with all kinds of people at all levels of the corporate world managing their stuff and taming their overwhelms.

Darcy completed her coach training with the Coaches Training Institute. She is certified in effectiveness coaching using the Emerson Suite, a web-based mobile app of management tools for leader-managers, and is a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

Every year our Biz Tools experts share their knowledge with you in small group discussions.  These are women who are part of the Company of Women community or friends of our organization.  Please welcome and thank them for sharing their expertise with you.