Each participant gets to pre-select which breakout session she wants to attend. At these sessions, along with nine other women you will learn more from the expert on the topic.


In this session, you’ll leave knowing how to use Twitter to grow awareness for your business.

Twitter still matters – it is like a big open air office where you can and are expected to connect with and interact with anyone you want to.

You will learn how to add Twitter to your marketing efforts – referrals are golden, but what about all those people who don’t yet know about you that should become your clients?   Jen will provide examples you can take back to your desk and get using the very next day.

Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly

New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

Since 2009, Jennifer has run her own company, New Initiatives Marketing Inc. (NIM). The company is the marketing department for small business clients who don’t have a marketing department.

Jen created, developed and launched a Twitter inspirational quotes service called Nimble Quotes ( This service posts inspirational and motivational quotes to subscribers Twitter accounts as if they’ve tweeted the quotes themselves. We can’t talk business all the time, so quotes can be a way to connect emotionally with an online audience you are trying to build rapport with.

Prior to starting her company, Jen spent 17 years in the marketing departments at big brands such as the Financial Times UK, Siemens and Motorola.

Jen was part of the leadership team to bring the first TEDxWomen event to Toronto in 2013. Published in 2016, Jen’s entrepreneurial story is a chapter featured in the book Breaking Barriers by Trish Tonaj – available online and in Indigo bookstores.

Every year our Biz Tools experts share their knowledge with you in small group discussions.  These are women who are part of the Company of Women community or friends of our organization.  Please welcome and thank them for sharing their expertise with you.