Each participant gets to pre-select which breakout session she wants to attend. At these sessions, along with nine other women you will learn more from the expert on the topic.

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Time management and productivity are not dusty leftovers from the 80s. The pace of life has sped up and the overwhelm has only increased. Is your inbox out of control? Struggling to keep with all the things you need to stay on top of as a business owner? Worried that you’re not getting the right things done?

We talk specifics about becoming more aware and more proactive about where you focus your attention as you move through your day. We will review some straight-forward, practical time management and productivity tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness. Remember how to love your life again.

Darcy Roberts

Darcy Roberts

Business & Career Coach

Darcy Roberts is a business & career coach and facilitator in Oakville who helps busy people get more done at work, at home, and all points in between.

With more than 20 years of administrative experience  across a variety of industries, including the arts, law, finance, banking and executive search, she has worked with all kinds of people at all levels of the corporate world managing their stuff and taming their overwhelms.

Darcy completed her coach training with the Coaches Training Institute. She is certified in effectiveness coaching using the Emerson Suite, a web-based mobile app of management tools for leader-managers, and is a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

BUILD A STANDOUT BRAND with Monica Blackburn

So you’ve started a cool business and you’re excited to get branded, or maybe you need an awesome re-brand to take your business to the next-level! Now’s your time!

Experience hands on branding with Monica as she helps you discover more about YOUR brand, getting CREATIVE, and BEING YOUR GREATNESS, in this interactive and fun session.

Cool things we’ll cover:

  • what branding reallyis and how to utilize it now
  • creating a brand plan
  • creating your tagline
  • taking the guess work out of messaging
Monica Blackburn

Monica Blackburn

Distill Design

Monica is well known for developing brands as co-owner and Creative Director at Distill Design, a Branding and Graphic Design house servicing cool businesses locally and internationally. Monica’s love has always been in fine arts and entrepreneurship. She won awards such as ‘Best in Class’ and the 2013 ‘Business Award of Excellence'.

Her creativity and dedication to helping brands succeed comes from a ‘never give up’ and ‘do whatever it takes' attitude. 

‘Getting to the finish line may seem like a long road, but with a clear vision, it’s right in front of you. And when you get there, you realize it’s just the start. The start of something very big.’

CHANNEL YOUR INNER REDHEAD (regardless of your hair colour) with Sheri Copplestone

This is a session where you are given an honourary or natural Red-Headed status & all the personality traits that comes with it!

Sheri’s goal is to help you find your own inner strength, your “voice”, your passions and the freedom of choice to act on it.

We are ALL Choice Warriors!  In this group, you will receive information, motivation, and encouragement to channel your confidence and independence in all facets of life including personally, professionally, and financially.

Sheri Copplestone

Sheri Copplestone

Sheri, CFP/CDFS, speaker, advisor, leader, connector, and Empress of her own universe & a natural, stereotypical red dead. She is author of Stand Out, Speak Up, & Step Forward! Sheri is also the Chapter Leader for our Waterloo-Wellington & Centre Wellington/Wellington North Chapters.

CLOSING THE DEAL with Julie Flippin (Session Full)

Every business owner and entrepreneur has to be a master at sales.  Sales drive your business and if you aren’t closing sales, your business will struggle! If you want to change your conversation to be authentic, trust based and up level your sales skills then this biz seminar is for you! Learn from sales expert Julie Flippin how to create a sales process from the beginning to the end so that you can make your sales goals a reality this year.

This session is full.

Julie Flippin

Julie Flippin

Small Business Savvy

Julie is a business consultant, trained as a psychotherapist and dynamic international speaker. She is the author of ‘Pitiful or Powerful; You Choose and co-author of F.A.I.T.H – Finding Answers in the Heart. As a business consultant Julie works with courageous, passionate entrepreneurs and business owners.

For over thirty years Julie worked as a controller, sales manager and HR specialist and has created 3 successful businesses over the past 17 years. Julie takes the fear out of marketing, the resistance out of selling and creates strong workable strategies for business owners to achieve their goals. Julie created a Sales Process that is so powerful that she used it to sell just under a million dollars in one year. It is her privilege to teach and encourage her clients on their journeys while holding them accountable to create their ultimate result – SUCCESS!


To soar in business, you require the mental mastery skills to stay laser focused plus avoid performance slumps and anxiety that can get in the way of greatness. In this session Corey goes through the 8 mental performance components necessary to achieve peak performance. You will assess where you are currently with your ability to eliminate pressure and deal with distractions and develop a plan to close the gaps. You’ll leave energized, more confident and have the tools to deliver the winning edge to excel in business.

This session is full.

Corey McCusker

Corey McCusker

Mental Performance Coach

Corey is a Mental Performance Coach who coaches accomplished professionals and elite young athletes to break through stress and overcome setbacks to reach peak performance. Corey helps her clients get past the mental roadblocks that limit their results so they can take control and succeed. Corey teaches the skills to have the performance edge that allows people to go for the big dreams without the stress, struggle and overwhelm that can grip top performers. Corey is certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, and Hypnosis. Corey is also trained in Brain Gym and currently completing certification for HeartMath Intervention Practitioner. Her programs Master The Mind, Master the Game have helped hundreds of high achievers reach peak performance and live their desired lives.

Corey’s experience of working 22 years in the Corporate world mentoring large teams and executives plus her athletic commitment to hockey, golf and equestrian riding gives her the performance experience and edge to coach high achievers to success


Delivering difficult messages for most people is often described as stressful and anxiety-provoking. As a result many people avoid having important conversations in order to keep the peace and minimize potential confrontations. The irony is that the longer we leave things unsaid the great the potential for more conflict and misunderstandings.

The majority of the time people do not understand how their behaviour impacts others so unless they are told so they miss the opportunity to make important changes necessary for maintaining healthy relationships.

In this discussion group, we will:

  • Explore the importance of providing direct and timely feedback in order to establish strong boundaries whether it’s with friends, family or co-workers
  • Build trust by creating open and honest channels of communication
  • Use the feedback model to build communication skills and confidence to deliver feedback constructively while minimizing defensiveness.
Nahla Kor

Nahla Kor

Kor Capabilities Consulting

Nahla is owner of Kor Capabilities Consulting specializing in Corporate Training, Facilitation, and Leadership Coaching. She supports leaders in building high performance teams by establishing effective work processes, norms and communication skills.

Prior to starting her own business 14 years ago, Nahla worked as a Senior Management Consultant with several large organizations including Sunlife Financial, Clarica, Manulife Financial and Hewlett Packard.


Today as women we are in a position to achieve success as leaders and entrepreneurs. And the world needs us now more than ever to cultivate our leadership and create a positive influence.

While there are many challenges on our path as leaders, our biggest is often our own limiting beliefs.  They hold us back from being who want to be, from taking new opportunity and from leading authentically.

To lead we need to have the capacity to take risk and be vulnerable, to drop our mask of perfection or being the expert. Effective leadership requires us to be fully present and listening to the care and concerns of others rather than being tangled in our own thoughts and worries.

In this session, you will look at what holds you back and  develop strategies to get out of your way and become the leader you are meant to be. Find your ground and speak up because today we need our voices heard!

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek and Associates

Amy Vodarek ACC is the Chief Visionary and Coach at Amy Vodarek and Associates, an executive and leadership development company. She’s a creative educator, writer and speaker about all things leadership. Her holistic coaching approach embraces self-care, reducing over-commitment and enhancing wellbeing.

Amy specializes in working with women leaders and entrepreneurs and is the co-founder of The Good Enough Project and co-author of the book Good Enough. (2016). Currently, she volunteers her time with United Way Milton as Chair for the Circle of Women Who Care.

GENIUS GOALS with Ella Bates

Are you wanting to set your goals soaring?  Create super trajectory towards a clear milestone?  Ella will help bring structure and trackability into your goals and objectives.

Be introduced to the powerful SMART goal setting process to creating transparency for your future to transform into simple reality.  Know precisely what you want to achieve, know where to concentrate your efforts and quickly spot your distractions.

Alongside giving you a framework of powerful questions to help your goal achievements soar, Ella will guide you through the SMART process to empower yourself to make conscious and positive changes in your life.

Ella Bates

Ella Bates

How to Organize That

Productivity Coach Ella is ready to take you from being busy to highly effective and productive.  An NLP Practitioner and 18 years as a Corporate Learning and Development professional, Ella is also Chapter Leader for the Durham and Clarington Region chapters.

GETTING MEDIA COVERAGE with France Fontana Hart (Session Full)

What is your story? What is the message you want the world to know about your business? What is the best way to tell it?

Getting media coverage is an incredible opportunity to build your brand, bring in customers and increase revenue. It is a chance to tell viewers, readers and listeners what you and your company are all about. So how do you secure a television spot, a feature article or an interview with the press?

In this workshop, France Fontana Hart will share the ins and outs of the media landscape. How to identify a media worthy story and what it takes to get media attention for you and your business.

This session is full.

France Fontana Hart

France Fontana Hart

France Fontana Hart INC

France is an accomplished media professional with over 25 years in the Canadian television industry. Known for her exceptional editorial instincts and compelling storytelling, France is passionate about sourcing out a story, from conception to completion, with a high sense of integrity.

As principal in France & Company, her expertise extends to various media platforms from producing lifestyle television and news for Canadian television networks to public relations and brand identification for national and local businesses, retailers, magazines and corporate clients. France consults with all aspects of media helping clients get their story told and their message heard.

HOW TO GET BOOKED FOR (MORE) SPEAKING GIGS with Rania Walker (Session Full)

Do you have a story to tell? Expertise to share? Life messages to impart?

Rania Walker is the President of Front Door PR and has worked with speakers and event organizers all across North America. She will share insider secrets that she’s learned over the years for how to find a stage, and pitch your talk, to event and conference organizers, including TEDx events. This practical and intimate one hour session will provide you with solid strategies for how to:

  • position yourself as a value-add speaker (what you need to prep before your pitch);
  • find events and conferences to speak at that will align with and leverage your brand;
  • create a speaker kit; and
  • develop a pitch that resonates with organizersSharpen your pencils and be ready to work during this interactive session.

This session is full.

Rania Walker

Rania Walker

Front Door PR

Rania is the Founder and President of Front Door PR, an integrated PR, Media, Branding and Event Promotions agency. A natural storyteller, she combines her expertise as a TV producer and host, media trainer, publicist, marketing manager, and relationship building expert, to generate multi-platform media exposure and brand elevation across North America for clients and large-scale events. She has worked at YTV, Alliance Atlantis, The New VR, Rogers Television, The Weather Network and various specialty channels.

Her clients have included corporations, authors, charities, not-for profit organizations, start-ups and emerging businesses. She is a frequent media and PR expert at conferences speaking on “How to Get and Leverage Media Attention”; “Personal Branding” and "How to become branded in the Media as an Expert". She has moderated media panels for the annual Mompreneur Conference, Emerge - Become a Best-Selling Author Forum, Ignite Your Vision Conference, eWomen Network and the Discover Your Personal Brand Conference among others.

A personal branding expert with a degree and post-graduate studies in communications and message design, Rania has been featured or provided commentary on personal branding, crisis communications, media exposure, and social media savvy in The Toronto Star, Start Up Socials, Newstalk 1010, Cision, Tilt Magazine, Parents Canada, The Mompreneur e-Magazine, The Oakville Voice and The Huffington Post. In her ‘spare’ time Rania loves to travel with her large family of 5, documenting their adventures while sharing tips, tricks and always a few laughs. You can connect with her @raniaspeaks and @frontdoorpr


Communication and negotiation is one of the most important skill sets for business success, yet for most entrepreneurs (especially women) this can take them out of their comfort zone, especially when things fall off the tracks.

Whether you are negotiating wages for a new employee, a discount, your new office lease, a purchase of products, or a contract, how you communicate and negotiate can have significant impacts on your outcomes.

In this session you will learn a five- stage model for negotiation, how to prepare, what to do if the conversation gets emotional or falls off the tracks, and how to know it is time to walk away.


Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond

Hammond Group

Charmaine, professional speaker, bestselling author and business owner for past 20 years has negotiated hundreds of contracts and has mediated just as many business disputes. She was a corporate mediator for ten years. With a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management, her time as a mediator and her previous experience as a Correctional Officer, you will learn a process that works… in any environment.


In this session, you’ll leave knowing how to use Twitter to grow awareness for your business.

Twitter still matters – it is like a big open air office where you can and are expected to connect with and interact with anyone you want to.

You will learn how to add Twitter to your marketing efforts – referrals are golden, but what about all those people who don’t yet know about you that should become your clients?   Jen will provide examples you can take back to your desk and get using the very next day.

Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly

New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

Since 2009, Jennifer has run her own company, New Initiatives Marketing Inc. (NIM). The company is the marketing department for small business clients who don’t have a marketing department.

Jen created, developed and launched a Twitter inspirational quotes service called Nimble Quotes ( This service posts inspirational and motivational quotes to subscribers Twitter accounts as if they’ve tweeted the quotes themselves. We can’t talk business all the time, so quotes can be a way to connect emotionally with an online audience you are trying to build rapport with.

Prior to starting her company, Jen spent 17 years in the marketing departments at big brands such as the Financial Times UK, Siemens and Motorola.

Jen was part of the leadership team to bring the first TEDxWomen event to Toronto in 2013. Published in 2016, Jen’s entrepreneurial story is a chapter featured in the book Breaking Barriers by Trish Tonaj – available online and in Indigo bookstores.


Linda offers a journey inward using the tool of journaling to explore your inner landscape. Through various meditative and journaling exercises, she creates a space for you to experience how journaling helps to gain deeper clarity and insight into your personal and professional life.

Through various Journal to the Self and reflective techniques you will draw upon your own inner wisdom, giving a voice to your experiences, perceptions and visions through the written word.

Linda Cooper

Linda Cooper

Inward Bound

Linda is the Founder and CEO of Inward Bound, created to assist clients in changing their lives from the inside out. She is a Writer and Teacher of Introspection and Contemplation. a certified Journal Facilitator, certified Journal to the Self Instructor, certified Yoga Teacher, Transitions Coach, and a Career Cycles Holistic Narrative Career Professional. Linda combines her desire to assist clients through life transitions, with her love of yoga, teaching, and writing, believing in the power of the written word to transform lives.

MAKING THE ASK with Judi Hughes

Opportunities are lost simply because we are afraid to or don’t know how to “make the ask”. Judi Hughes is going to make it easy for you to ask for referrals. Simplify asking for credible testimonials. Help you craft your money conversation and ask for the sale with confidence. Identify who to ask for help and how to “make that ask”. Embrace the power of “making the ask”. It’s a skill and an attitude that will immediately reap benefits.

Judi Hughes

Judi Hughes

Your Planning Partners

Judi brings a winning record of over 25 years of small business experience to Your Planning Partners. During that time she has co-founded and run a number of profitable and successful businesses. The success of her ventures is in part due to unrelenting commitment the power of planning and is supported by the belief that we must allow ourselves to be vulnerability and “make the asks” that open doors to opportunity and success.


Networking is an important way to  establish relationships that support the growth and development of your business.  It’s about connecting with people and creating opportunities – for yourself and others.

Laurie Hunt

Laurie Hunt

For over 20 years, Laurie has been working in the field of mentoring and leadership from all angles – as a corporate client, researcher, consultant and coach. She brings this breadth of experience to her work designing custom mentoring programs for organizations. Laurie knows first hand the value of having a network of people to turn to for support. Throughout her corporate career, athletic pursuits, personal endeavours and in growing her business, Laurie has had mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues who have been instrumental in her learning and resulting accomplishments.


Do you know how to create a presence on Facebook?  Do you understand the true value of networking and being social on Facebook? We all know that when we focus on selling ourselves, we develop the know, like and trust factor.

Learn how to work your personal timeline/profile and create and build your business page.

Tammy Hudgin

Tammy Hudgin

Tammy launched her Facebook Social Media business over three years ago and has trained over 500 business owners on how to work Facebook to build a presence and get their business out there.  One of the most valuable lessons she learned is that you need to sell yourself before you can sell your business.

Tammy helps clients by managing their business pages and offering business page creation/revamp, along with consultations.  She is currently writing for a variety of online websites/blogs with her thoughts on using Facebook for business.  She embraces everything she learns from those she meets, she continues to be inspired by other business women and looks forward to building more relationships.


Lori will cover three key areas; the power of persistence, the power of knowing what you want, and the power of value and appreciation.  How can our mindset move us forward or hold us back?  How do you develop the skills that you require to have what you want?  How do you apply action into your business?  How do you motivate yourself and your team?  How do you ensure peak and optimal performance?

Lori Raudnask

Lori Raudnask

Lori is an international speaker, entrepreneur and author who has coached, trained, and mentored thousands of people around the world. She has mastered the sales process building a team that generated well over 100 million dollars in direct sales. Lori has launched the careers of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs worldwide. For over three decades, she has dedicated her life to helping others win big. Lori has produced and hosted the TV show Persistence Pays and is the author of Persistence Pays: How getting what you want is easier than you think. Lori was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and was chosen as Stoney Creek’s Citizen of the Year for her community service.  Lori believes that if we are persistent we can have anything we want, and she does mean everything!


Video has fast become the way to get your message out, but where do you begin? In this session, Donna will discuss what to you need to do to get ready for your video shoot. She will talk about how to create a great first impress and the 3Ps – positioning, personality and promotional.

Donna Clark

Donna Clark

DC Video Creations

Donna is a creative video producer –  she works with entrepreneurs to create videos that bring out their best so they can concentrate on their talents, thereby increasing their sales.



If you’re like most women leaders and entrepreneurs, you do not realize how much your BRAND is impacted because of your appearance.

As a result, you are not attracting the kind of clients, money and advancement you long for.In fact, it’s costing you thousands of dollars. Not to mention more opportunities that would give you more freedom to pursue your dream lifestyle.

Whether you like it or not, your appearance is key to your success. It actually influences what people are willing to pay for your services!

Jean will share with you a few of these invaluable success secrets for standing out and attracting your ideal clients, how to connect with your audience, clients, customers – converting “maybe” into “YES”!

This session is full.

Jean L. Price

Jean L. Price

The DIVA™ Coach

As an award-winning business woman, with 30 plus years in the fashion industry, Jean L. Price knows what it takes for high-achieving women leaders to create results. She passionately helps them discover their unique style - their “DIVA™ Effect” –increasing their confidence and create financial freedom.


Join Meryl Cook for a session as she shares how she used writing and rug hooking as a means of self expression following her treatment for breast cancer. Learn how Meryl has used this experience to launch her new business through her healing mat series and her new book One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity.

In this session Meryl will share practical tips for unblocking creativity, raising your hand to open doors, and creating a heart centered business and life.

Meryl Cook

Meryl Cook

Rise Media + Design

Meryl spent 20 years in her business as a Homeopath and Bowen practitioner. Following her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, Meryl transformed her life and her business through writing and rug hooking. She stepped aside from seeing patients to make room for her new business.

Meryl’s mission is to inspire women to reconnect with their joy and creativity, with the little, sparkly, playful girls they once were. She shares practical steps to unblock creativity, work through difficult situations and find meaning in life again. Her mediums are contemporary rug hooking and writing.